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Cold Laser - It's simple. Pain Free.

4-6 treatments

For 80% of our clients we recommend 4-6 treatments to treat their fungal toenail infection

Pain free

Unlike hot laser, cold laser is a totally pain free way to clear infected toenails

84% success rate

Clinical studies carried out in the UK using cold laser delivered an 84% success rate in treating fungal infection in toenails after 48 weeks, and the other 16% were successful, but the toe nail cure took longer than 48 weeks.

So, what’s cold laser all about?

Cold laser uses low level laser to weaken the cells of the toenail fungus and stimulates blood flow to enable your body’s own immune system to successfully treat your nail fungal infection naturally

Clear Nail Laser Clinics and its AHPRA registered podiatrists have medicare provider numbers that allow for convenient private health insurance claims.

Many podiatry treatments are claimable if you have private health insurance (with relevant extra cover).

Your clinician will be able to manage your private health insurance balance, claims and payments easily with on the spot claiming with HICAPS.

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How can our Podiatrists help you?

General Podiatry

We treat a number of skin and nail conditions which can cause pain and discomfort. We’ll address your podiatric concerns and help you to take care of your feet, regardless of your age or health status.

Sports Podiatry

Muscle tightness, repetitive movements, over-training or failure to warm up before exercise can all lead to foot and lower leg injuries. We specialise in treating acute and chronic pain in patients of all ages.

High Risk & Diabetic Feet

Our team is devoted to the study and treatment of the foot, ankle, knee, leg and hip, particularly in low-risk and high-risk patients. Regular appointments are necessary to detect problems early and prevent ulcers and other complications.

Fungal Nails

We bring new hope to people suffering from painful, discoloured and disfigured nails associated with nail fungus. Using cold laser, results can be visible in as few as 4 weekly 12-minute sessions. We’ll educate you on how to maximise healing and protect against reinfection.